I’m a freelancer with experience in a wide variety of platforms. I’ve worked on blogs, written reviews and musical analysis, published several short stories and over 30 poems in various online and print literary journals and currently serve as a contributing writer and Social Media Manager for Beautiful Losers Magazine. I also currently work as a feature writer for three magazines: Edible Magazine, LEO Weekly Magazine, and Jeffersontown Magazine. As well, I’ve done writing for myriad other publications and online sites.

As a freelancer I write about many things. Food. Comic Books. Music. Pop culture. No job is too small, no job is too large. And no job is boring. I believe that whatever it is I’m writing about—size or subject matter—deserves nothing less than the full breadth of my skill behind it. To me, a piece about something as quaint as the local librarian retiring after 67 years of volunteer service deserves no less a riveting write-up than a fly-by-night musicmaker in the newest issue of Rolling Stone. Simply, there’s no story that can’t be entertaining and it’s something I challenge myself in with any and every assignment.